“Our Tools Are Digital, but Our Hearts Are Analog.”

I’m John-Ryan Shea – founder of Hearts Are Analog – a Los Angeles based Blogger, Social Media Director and lover of music, coffee, street art, photography, a good spirit and traveling/exploring both near and far. This blog is a means to focus my experiences and travels into small snippets of creative and curated recommendations. Writings and photography based on embracing our digitally connected world, but maintaining a true connection and appreciation of the richness of the offline life.

Hearts Are Analog comes from a street art piece by one of my favorite artists, Morley. The phrase encapsulates all that is created for this blog. It’s a rallying cry for a digitally immersed generation. A pathway to maintaining a true emotional connection to the In Real Life [IRL]. It’s about getting out your front door and being a tourists in your own city as well as reaching beyond your own borders to travel distant lands. Wherever you are, seeking out unique and local expressions of art, food, drink and the people within.

I am a loving husband, owner of the coolest cat ever and passionate about life and the representation of it through my writings and photography.

Lastly, if there were five things I couldn’t do without, they would be:

  1. My Family & Friends (includes the cat)
  2. My DSLR Camera
  3. My iPhone
  4. My Coffee
  5. My Record Player

Open to meeting and conversing with new people. Thanks for taking the time to read to my efforts here. Once in awhile I will feature guests and friend posts. If you are headed out on some travels and want to contribute, the contact form below is a great way to connect.