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        Sinocera Piezotronics Inc. with 15 years of experience in vibration test has been always insisting in the development of national vibration test technology and keeping close cooperation with the domestic and foreign research institutions, to make a great contribution to China's vibration test.
        The Incorporation has multiple "the first" achievements, including the first piezoelectric acceleration sensor, the first three-way low-frequency high-sensitivity acceleration sensor for seismic surveillance, the first water-cooled high-temperature pressure sensor for engines, the first piezoelectric free-field explosion pressure sensor, the first built-in integrated circuit (IC) amplifier (IEPE) acceleration sensor, the first piezoelectric three-component dynamic force sensor, the first high-temperature (482℃) piezoelectric acceleration sensor, the first large-impact (100,000g) piezoelectric acceleration sensor, the first intelligent TEDS acceleration sensor, the first charge amplifier and programmable charge amplifier which were awarded the only national silver medal, the first multifunction dynamic data unit integrating the pre-posed regulators for charge, strain, IEPE, etc., and the first high-speed dynamic data acquisition system adopting IEEE1394A interfaces. Sinocera Piezotronics has already created and will create more "the first" in China.
        Numerous Users: As a professional manufacturer of vibration test instruments with the longest history, the largest scale and the most comprehensive products in China, Sinocera Piezotronics Piezoelectric produces all the products including not only sensing elements of piezoelectric ceramics for sensors but also sensors, regulators, acquisition unit, test and analysis software, etc., engages in providing complete sets of test systems, and is becoming the largest internationally renowned system product manufacturer in China. Today, the Incorporation has tens of thousands of users around the world and hundreds of thousands of products and systems applied in various fields.
        Rely on domestic development: Since the 1970s, the Incorporation has participated in the test work of multiple aviation and aerospace projects including the intercontinental missiles, launch vehicles, communication/meteorological satellites, military and civilian aircrafts, Shenzhou spacecraft, Chang’e moon-landing project, etc., and has won numerous awards from the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the Central Military Committee and the Chinese Aeronautics and Astronautics Department. The Incorporation has also participated in the Three Gorges Dam, the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Shanghai Maglev Train and other large projects and national infrastructure construction projects. In the international tendering carried out by the State Education Commission through loaning from the World Bank since 1985, the Incorporation has successively won the bidding in the competition with the domestic and foreign counterparts, which was specially reported by "People's Daily" and other major newspapers in front-page headlines and broadcasted by the Central People's Broadcasting Station. In recent years, the Incorporation has become the preferred and designated product manufacturer in the construction of 211 college and university projects, 985 projects, state key laboratories, mechanics demonstration centers and laboratories of engineering colleges and universities.
        Going to the world: Since the 80s, the Incorporation has provided the foreign customers with a variety of customized products and OEM processing services and has established a number of offices or agents in Europe, the USA, Japan, the Middle East, Hong Kong, etc., and the exports of products from the sensors to the entire test systems are substantially increasing every year. In addition, there are several long-term supporting customers cooperated with, which lays a solid foundation for Chinese vibration test instrument to go to the world.
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